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Megger MFT 1845+ - Multifunction Tester for EVSE Testing

Special version for EVSE Testing using 6mA DC charge point test, all previous sister produducts features are included.

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Megger MFT 1825 - Multifunction tester 500/1000V

This series offers safety input protection on all terminals and warns the user of any dangerous voltages, in both single-phase and three-phase circuits. With insulation measurement from 250, 500V, to 1000V. counting on all the necessary measures to accredit low voltage installations: insulation, continuity and resistance, loop impedance, differential measurement and earths.

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Megger AVO 830 - Digital TMRS Multimeter

This digital TMRS multimer has been designed for electricians, technicians, service personnel and engineers.

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Megger DCM305E - Earth leakage clampmeter

DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp Meter is the ideal instrument for accurately and precisely measuring earth leakage current

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Megger DCM1500 - True RMS 1500A Clamp Meter

Measuring up to 1500 A ac or dc the DCM1500 also offers 750 Vac and 1000 Vdc ranges making the instrument ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of large a.c. or d.c. electrical systems and equipment

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Megger DCM330 - Fork Clamp Multimeter 200A

AC open jaw clamp multimeter measures up to 200A AC for unsheilded cables up to 16mm diameter.

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Megger DCM 310 - Clampmeter 400 A

Measures up to 400 Amps a.c also has a data hold and max hold feature with a max jaw size of 27mm, carry case supplied.

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Megger DCM1500S - Solar PV generation clamp

TRMS AC/DC clamp meter up to 1500 A, voltage ranges 1500Vac and 2000Vdc, resistance, continuity and frequency. Safety rating CAT IV 600V - IEC61010-1.

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