Multifunction Testers

Run your facility safety tests as efficiently as possible with our range of multifunctional equipment from leading manufacturers.

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Megger MFT 1845+ - Multifunction Tester for EVSE Testing

Special version for EVSE Testing using 6mA DC charge point test, all previous sister produducts features are included.

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Megger MFT 1825 - Multifunction tester 500/1000V

This series offers safety input protection on all terminals and warns the user of any dangerous voltages, in both single-phase and three-phase circuits. With insulation measurement from 250, 500V, to 1000V. counting on all the necessary measures to accredit low voltage installations: insulation, continuity and resistance, loop impedance, differential measurement and earths.

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Megger EVCA210 - Electric vehicle charge point adaptor

The Megger EVCA210/EVCA210-UK are compact, simple to use adapters designed to perform all the functions required by the electrical contractor to fully test Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle Charge-points.

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