Quality Politics

Our mission is to offer a tailored service to our customers in search of their full satisfaction, always exceeding their expectations in the shopping experience, as the main axis of our brand identity. We are a benchmark in technical advice with a highly qualified and professional-oriented team, a business example in proximity to the client as a differentiating element in our service.

Given the increasingly demanding level of the market, and of society in general, the management of DIGAMEL, S.A. considers it necessary to maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN- ISO 9001 standard, which allows:

That DIGAMEL, S.A. can adapt to the challenge of market evolution, satisfying the needs raised by its customers and obtaining a product or service based on excellence. Achieve a leading position in quality, among the companies in the sector. Use the Quality System to obtain effective solutions in the management of DIGAMEL, S.A. and in the resolution of the problems that arise in the performance of its activity. Increase your business volume. The main objective of the Quality System implemented is, therefore, to guarantee all Clients of DIGAMEL, S.A. that the company has the will and capacity required to meet your requirements and exceed the terms agreed with us.

The scope of the quality management system is as follows:

"Marketing and distribution of electrical equipment at the Pontevedra plant" Commitment

For this purpose, DIGAMEL SA undertakes to:

Provide our internal and external customers with the information, product or service exactly requested on time and correctly. Consider that customer satisfaction, quality, confidentiality and the continuous improvement process are the key to business success. This will involve a daily commitment, constituting a permanent challenge of professional quality. Create and preserve a work environment so that there is a high degree of communication between the employee and the Management in both directions, thus resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Provide staff with standardized work methodologies, which allow them to develop it in the most efficient way possible. Ensure that they have the required means at the right time. Help in the identification of training needs and facilitate their satisfaction. Identify deficiencies in the product and service, control them and reduce them in order to improve our competitiveness and image. Maintain our systems and work procedures in accordance with internationally recognized Quality Management standards and legal requirements. Specifically with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Measure the effectiveness to meet the legitimate requirements and expectations of our external and internal customers. Review it for its continued adaptation.

02/10/2020 (Rev. 3) Direction of DIGAMEL


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