Circuit Breaker monitorization and testing

In this category you will find the necessary equipment to maintain, test and detect faults in backup battery banks.

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ISA CBA 1000 - Circuit breaker analyzer

CBA 1000 circuit breaker timing test equipment is a reliable and very accurate operating device for the maintenance and commissioning of circuit breakers in medium and high voltage substation. It can perform static and dynamic contact resistance measurement and it’s an accurate timing speed and motion analyzer.

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ISA CBA 2000 - High voltage circuit breaker analyzer and microohmmeter

CBA 2000 diagnostic system is designed to grant the highest accuracy while testing circuit breaker.

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ISA CBA 3000 - Circuit breaker anlyzer

CBA 3000 is the ultimate all-in-one switch analyzer - safer, faster and more accurate.

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Megger VIDAR Vacuum circuitbreaker tester

This device swiftly and securely checks vacuum interrupter integrity, providing users with flexible voltage options.

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