GECC 3000 / 1500 - CB Power supply unit

Model: GECC 3000 / 1500

Producer: ISA

Country of origin: Italy

DC voltage power supply unit

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Key features

Designed for supplying DC voltage and current for the testing of circuit breaker, DC motors and protection systems
Powerful output up to 3.3 KW (GECC 3000) or up to 1.65 KW (GECC 1500)
250 V DC output@13,5 A
125 V DC output@27 A
Ripple free power supply
Lightweight: only 9,5 Kg.


The DC voltage power supply models GECC3000 and GECC 1500 are designed for supplying the DC voltage and current for testing any type of system which requires an high-power, ripple free DC power supply.

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