Specialists in the supply and commissioning of electrical testing equipment for a safety monitoring and diagnosis of the electrical system.

Our product range and areas of application allow us to give you solutions for an exceptionally wide range of application at any point of the electricity network. From small handheld low voltage testing equipment such as multifunction installation testers

Technical advice

With our in-house technical knowledge, we are the industry experts in the provision of electrical testing instruments. Supplying the market as authorized distributor for leading manufacturers but also new startups which introduces new methodologies and ways to work, in the niche areas that we operate.

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We are involved in providing a range of specialized training courses, can be held on-site at your site location or you can attend one of our scheduled courses. Our main value is the service to our client accompanying them during the first handling of their new equipment solving their technical doubts and though training.

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Our ability is to adapt quickly and easily to different cases. We though that is one of our most valued characteristics by our clients. Customers around the world relay on our solutions for testing, diagnosis, and monitoring solutions for electrical energy systems. They include energy providers and utilities, manufacturers of equipment for transmission and distribution electrical power and more.

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Tailor-made solutions

We create tailor-made solutions adjusted to each project and each client. All our products and services are enabled by synergies between engineering, production, and customers care. We are constantly looking to be challenged, leading us to develop state-of-art with products and services that allow your electrical power system to run.

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Battery dischargers

What are the main battery failures and what equipment do we have to help you test your batteries?

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Why is leakage current important?

This post analyzes the origin, the importance of monitoring leakage currents, their detection through the use of the current-to-ground leak detection clamp.

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Systems Certification

The company is committed to quality. We are assessed by APPlus and we are deemed to comply with the provisions of the standard Quality Management System ISO 9001:2001 in respect to the sale and distribution of our products. In addition to we are also prequalified by the firm Achilles within Repro of the utilities industry´s prequalification system across South America and Southern Europe. Behind each solution proposed by us is a great team of specialists always looking for the best proposal for our clients, taking into account the most appropriate technology, costs and delivery time. Likewise, our team of engineers will accompany the client in the search for the most efficient solution, together with the engineering departments of our manufacturers, they will work in coordination to become their trusted supplier. The most efficient solutions, the follow-up of your orders, continuous attention and after-sales assistance position our customer orientation as a reason for being.


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