Insulation testing

In this category find those equipment for when you need to qualitatively analyze the insulation status of the conductors and the different electrical equipment by applying a continuous voltage (DC).

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Megger MIT1525 - 15kV d.c. diagnostic insulation resistance test

Megger´s new range of d.c, insulation tester MIT1525 performs insulation resistance test up to 15 kV with a 30 TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5 % from 1 MΩ up to 3 TΩ.

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Megger MIT1025 - 10kV d.c. Insultation Resistance Tester

CAT IV insultation resistance tester MIT1025 allows the operator to measure insulation resistance up to 20TΩ with all test modes including a ramp test plus advanced memory functions with recall to screen, RTC for time/date stamp of results and USB cable interface to PC / PowerDB.

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Megger MIT525 - 5kV d.c. Insulation Resistance Tester

5kV insulation tester offering resistance measurement up to 10T ohms complete with step contact, ramp testing and an onboard memory. Supplied with 3x3m test leads as standard.

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Megger MIT515 - 5kV d.c. Insulation resistance tester

5 kV d.c. Insulation resistance tester with PI and DAR, no memory.

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Megger MIT300 - 0,25kV/0,5kV/1kV d.c. Insulation and continuity testers

The Megger MIT300, MIT310 and MIT320 all feature the popular Megger digital/analogue display. Large 20mm high characters provide very clear readout, combined with an analogue arc for the feel of an analogue instrument, with a true analogue response.

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Megger MIT400/2 - 0,25kV/0,5kV/1kVdc CAT IV Insulation tester

The MIT400 mk2 series insulation and continuity testers are designed not just for Electrical and Industrial, but with an exceptionally wide range of applications from electrical installations, cable testing, motor testing, automotive, ESD, panel building, avionics, maintenance etc.

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Megger MIT230 -1kV pocket sized insulation tester

Useful for testing transformers, motors, generators, sweitcgear, panel building, domestic applicacnes, power tools, etc.

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Megger MIT2500 - 2,5kV insulation tester

Megger MIT2500 Insulation Resistance Tester, 2.5 kV

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