Megger AVO 830 - Digital TMRS Multimeter

Model: AVO 830

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

This digital TMRS multimer has been designed for electricians, technicians, service personnel and engineers.

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Key features

AC/DC voltage: 600V
AC/DC current: 10A
Resistance: 50MΩ
Conductance: 60nS
Capacitance: 20mF
0.1% basic accuracy
Automatic and manual ranging
Phase rotation function
Non-contact voltage detection
High frequency filter
Min/max/average recording
IP54 environmental protection rating


The Megger AVO830 Cat IV 600V Digital Multimeter is capable of measuring electrical parameters including AC/DC voltage up to 600V, AC/DC current up to 10A, resistance up to 50MΩ, conductance up to 60nS, and capacitance up to 20mF. All parameters have extremely accurate measurement (0.1% basic accuracy) and automatic and manual ranging ensure the best possible resolution.

In addition to continuity and diode testing, the Megger AVO830 has a unique 10MΩ and 10kΩ switching function for quickly detecting unintentionally coupled ghost voltages. Non-contact voltage detection helps prevent any work on live circuits by warning the user with audible and visual signals. An 800Hz filter prevents interference from high-frequency noise on variable speed drives.

It can be used to perform true-RMS measurements for voltage and current. This instrument is able to measure AC and DC voltage to 600V. Please note that this tester has a sister product, the Megger AVO835 Digital TMRS Multimeter , which has a slightly larger measurement range and is able to measure AC/DC voltage to 1000V, as well as temperature.

Like its sister product, this instrument can measure currents between 0.1mA and 10A and is able to take resistance readings between 0.001Ω and 50MΩ. The Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter is also capable of performing conductance and diode tests and can measure capacitance and frequency, as well as perform phase sequence measurements as part of three-phase circuit and motor testing.

This tester has a basic accuracy of 0.1% and can be adjusted to suit the application using the manual and automatic range control.

Measurement results are indicated on the Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter's dual digital display with an analogue arc for indicating voltage, which is displayed as both an analogue and digital quantity. The Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter’s display features a 10 000 count resolution and 4.5 digits.

In addition to viewing measurement results for each test via this display, the user can also utilise the measurement tool functions to view and/or maintain the relevant measurement on the display. The measurement tool functions included on this instrument are:

  • Minimum and Maximum
  • Average
  • Hold (manual)
  • Auto Hold
  • Smoothing of the Measured Quantity

These measurement functions add to the versatility of this tester, thereby allowing it to be adapted to the application and subsequently expanding its scope-for-use.

In addition to this, the Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter includes a number of features designed to improve the safety and accuracy of this instrument. These also improve the product’s versatility and expand its scope-for-use.  It includes an 800Hz low pass filter which works to ensure that high frequencies do not interfere with measurements. In terms of its safety features, the Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter includes:

  • Phase sequence detection: identifies incorrectly wired three phase circuits, motors and generators thereby preventing any possible damage to the multimeter and/or an electric shock to the user.
  • Input impedance switching: similarly this feature works to identify unintentionally coupled ghost voltages. This feature includes unique 10MΩ and 10KΩ switching, without test range adjustment.
  • Non-contact live circuit detection: with high and low sensitivity options, the Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter is able to detect live circuits from a distance or can be used to pinpoint an individual conductor or circuit. The multimeter will indicate when a live circuit has been detected via an audible and visual alarm (e.g. flashing display and symbols and a beeping noise)

Finally, the Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter has an IP54 rating and features a weatherproof, compact and tough casing. It has a safety rating of CAT IV 600V and is compliant to IEC 61010, ensuring that it is surge protected and is subsequently providing the user with the highest protection possible, making it suitable for testing high-energy electrical installations, as well as normal mains supplies and electrical equipment.

The Megger AVO830 Digital TRMS Multimeter is a multifunctional, adaptable and practical instrument ideal for conducting an eclectic array of tests on an extensive variety of electrical equipment.

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