Radiodetection C.A.T4+ - Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Function

Model: C.A.T4+

Producer: Radiodetection

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Accurately pin-point underground cables, pipes and structures. High contrast, backlit LCD display with Metric or Imperial depth units

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Key features

Accurately pin-point underground cables, pipes and structures
High contrast, backlit LCD display with Metric depth units


An upgraded version of Radiodetection's standard CAT4, the CAT4+ includes all of the functionality of the original unit and also includes a depth estimation function for more accurate determination of buried utility location.

The CAT4 range is a result of 30 years of research into cable avoidance technology. Incorporating all of the functionality necessary to find both buried utilities that give off their own signals and - via the use of a Genny4 - utilities that don't give off their own signals, the CAT4+ allows excavation professionals to gain a comprehensive map of the ground underfoot, ensuring accidental strikes of buried utilities such as water pipes, gas pipes, electrical cables and other utilties don't happen.

Four separate signal determination modes are available on the CAT4+, with information about each relayed through a built-in LCD screen with backlight and bargraph representation. Avoidance Mode, the first of these signals, is used to simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals and is ideal for speeding up locates. Genny mode reads the signals transmitted from the Genny (with on-demand estimation of buried utility depth), Power mode detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables and Radio mode detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.

Moreover, and in addition to the standard C.A.T4, the CAT4+ features a depth function. When used in ‘genny mode’ (which requires use of the Genny4), the instrument will display a depth indication to a located utility service. Note the depth measurements can be displayed as either Metric or Imperial units - please be sure to let us know which unit is preferred upon ordering.

The CAT4+ is available with an optional ‘StrikeAlert’ function that displays the location of services that are buried at a shallow depth, which could potentially cause a ‘strike’ risk if left undetected. The ‘StrikeAlert’ model can be selected from the drop down menu above.

The C.A.T4+ features 4 modes to assist in detecting different utility types; avoidance mode, genny mode, power mode and radio mode:

  • Avoidance mode - detects genny, power and radio signals at the same time
  • Power mode - detects EMFs that surround buried electricity supply cables
  • Radio mode - detects long-range radio signals travelling through buried pipes and cables
  • Genny mode - used to detect signals generated by the optional Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator. Also displays depths of buried utilities when used with the C.A.T4+ cable avoidance tool

Similar to the other C.A.T4 cable avoidance tools, the C.A.T4+ features ‘Dynamic Overload Protection’ that filters out electrical noise that can affect the signals used to detect underground utility services. Any signals detected are presented by means of a ‘tidemark’ bargraph on a high-contrast, backlit LCD screen.

Locate Performance Sensitivity @1M Good Conditions Poor Conditions
Power Signals 3mA 3 m 2 m
Radio Signals 25μA 2 m 1 m
Genny4 Signals


4 m 2 m


Dynamic Range 120dB @ 10Hz
Dynamic Overload Protection 40dB @ 50hz (automatic)
Locate Accuracy ±10% of depth
Depth Accuracy
(on undistorted signal with no adjacent signals)
Line: 5% 0.1m to 3m (4in to 10ft)
Sonde: 5% 0.1m to 7m (4in to 16ft)
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 50°C
Environmental Protection IP54
Batteries 2 x LR20 (D) 1.5V alkaline
Compatible with D type NiMH rechargeable batteries
Data Interface USB 2.0
Recommended Service Interval 1 Year
Warranty Warranty

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