Model: SVERKER 900

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

The device offers standalone functionality and is capable of performing both secondary and primary testing, including 3-phase testing for substations.

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The SVERKER range of relay test sets has been expanded with the introduction of the latest addition, the Megger SVERKER 900. This new product offers advanced testing capabilities, including three-phase testing, for use in a variety of applications such as electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations (e.g., PV and wind turbines), and other industrial settings.

In addition to its secondary relay testing capabilities, the Megger SVERKER 900 can also perform primary tests by connecting current and voltage sources in series and/or parallel, enabling outputs of up to 105A AC or 900V AC. Each of the three current and four voltage sources can be adjusted for amplitude, phase angle, and frequency, while the fourth voltage source can be used to test numerical relays that require a reference voltage, simulating a busbar.

Overall, the Megger SVERKER 900 is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of general test applications.

Tasks related to commissioning and maintenance of protection relays include plotting CT excitation curves, conducting current and voltage transformer turn ratio tests, measuring burden for CT circuits, performing polarity tests, measuring impedance, carrying out single and three-phase primary injection tests, monitoring SCADA annunciation and measurement values, and checking wiring.

Relays which the SVERKER 750 can test:
Underimpedance relays, Ansi Number 21
Thermal relays, Ansi Number 49
Inverse time overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 51
Overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 50
Automatic reclosing devices, Ansi Number 79
Undervoltage relays, Ansi Number 27
Ground fault relays, Ansi Number 50N, 51N
Negative sequence overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 46
Voltage regulating relays
Directional ground fault relays, Ansi Number 67N
Distance protection equipment (phase by phase), Ansi Number 21
Tripping relays, Ansi Number 94
Directional overcurrent relays, Ansi Number 67
Power factor relays, Ansi Number 55
Overvoltage relays, Ansi Number 59
Motor overload protection, Ansi Number 51/66
Time-delay relays
Differential protection (differential circuits), Ansi Number 87
Directional power relays, Ansi Number 32
Undercurrent relays, Ansi Number 37
Please note that the Megger (Programma) SVERKER 780 is also available which offers additional functionality in order to test frequency relays, Ansi number 81.

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