Megger SVERKER 650 Single Phase Relay Tester

Model: SVERKER 650

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: United Kingdom

This device offers a current output ranging from 0 to 100A and is suitable for testing a wide range of protection relays. It is designed to be user-friendly, as well as compact and powerful.

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Key features

This device boasts a high current and power output and is specifically designed for rugged field use.
With an output current ranging from 0 to 100 Amps, it is suitable for testing various types of relays including those related to power, voltage, and current.
It is lightweight, portable, and easy to operate, weighing only 16kg.


With a reputation for reliability and convenience built over years of use as a field relay tester, the SVERKER 650 Protection Relay Test Kit has become a trusted choice.

Designed to be both compact and powerful, this kit includes all the necessary functions for maintenance and commissioning of almost any type of single-phase protection found in a power distribution network.

The Megger SVERKER 650 can be purchased as a standalone unit, which can operate from either a 115V or 230V supply. For added convenience, an accessory kit is also available, including a GA-00030 test lead set and a GD-00010 transport case. 

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