Megger Programma SVERKER 750 Relay Testing Sistem

Model: SVERKER 750

Producer: Megger

Country of origin: UK

Comprehensive Secondary Testing of Protective Relays: Up to 200A Output Current, EU Regulation Compliance

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Ever since Megger's acquisition of Programma in 2007, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying highly sought-after relay testers from our renowned SVERKER model range.

The SVERKER 750, a flagship model, incorporates a versatile multi-mode display that significantly enhances the efficiency of relay testing. In addition to displaying time, voltage, and current, it also provides readings for impedance (Z), resistance (R), reactance (X), virtual power (S), active power (P), reactive power (Q), phase angle (φ), and power factor (cos φ).

Equipped with an integrated variable voltage source, the Megger SVERKER 750 offers standard testing capabilities for directional protective equipment and protective devices with automatic reclosing functionality.

While three-phase protective equipment can be tested, it is performed one phase at a time. However, multiple SVERKER units can be interconnected and synchronized to create a basic three-phase test set, specifically designed for relay protection systems that require phase shifting.

Megger's SVERKER 750 exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge relay testing solutions, allowing for efficient and accurate evaluations. With its advanced features and the ability to adapt to various testing requirements, it is an indispensable tool for professionals in the field.

We offer a comprehensive range of relays for various applications, each designated with their respective ANSI numbers. These relays include:

  1. Overcurrent relays (ANSI 50)
  2. Inverse time overcurrent relays (ANSI 51)
  3. Undercurrent relays (ANSI 37)
  4. Ground fault relays (ANSI 50N, 51N)
  5. Directional overcurrent relays (ANSI 67)
  6. Directional ground fault relays (ANSI 67N)
  7. Overvoltage relays (ANSI 59)
  8. Undervoltage relays (ANSI 27)
  9. Directional power relays (ANSI 32)
  10. Power factor relays (ANSI 55)
  11. Differential protection relays (ANSI 87)
  12. Distance protection equipment (phase by phase) (ANSI 21)
  13. Negative sequence overcurrent relays (ANSI 46)
  14. Motor overload protection relays (ANSI 51/66)
  15. Automatic reclosing devices (ANSI 79)
  16. Tripping relays (ANSI 94)
  17. Voltage regulating relays
  18. Underimpedance relays (ANSI 21)
  19. Thermal relays (ANSI 49)
  20. Time-delay relays

We would also like to inform you that the Megger SVERKER 780, which is part of our product lineup, offers additional functionality specifically designed for testing frequency relays with the ANSI number 81.

Our wide range of relays and testing equipment ensures that you have access to comprehensive and reliable solutions to meet your specific requirements.


Our testing equipment enables the plotting of excitation curves, allowing for detailed analysis of the relationship between voltage and current during the excitation process of transformers and other devices.

Our testing solutions facilitate accurate measurements and verification of current and voltage transformer ratios, ensuring optimal performance and reliable operation.

Our equipment enables precise burden measurement for protective relay test equipment, providing essential information about the load and performance characteristics of the tested relays.

Our testing capabilities include impedance measurement, allowing for the evaluation of the impedance characteristics of various devices and components in electrical systems.

We offer efficient testing methods to assess the efficiency of electrical equipment and systems, enabling users to optimize energy usage and identify potential areas for improvement.

Our testing equipment allows for polarity tests, which verify the correct connection and directionality of transformers, ensuring accurate functioning and preventing malfunctions.

Maintained: Our equipment offers injection testing that can be sustained continuously without any time limitation, providing a steady and consistent testing process. Momentary: Injection testing is activated only while the button is depressed, allowing for quick and controlled testing scenarios. Max. Time: Injection testing automatically stops when the preset maximum time is reached, ensuring controlled and time-limited testing sessions.

When filtering is selected, our equipment provides an average of five successive readings for improved accuracy and stability. Filtering options include current, voltage, and additional measured parameters.

Our equipment allows for the delay of generation shutdown after tripping, enabling users to specify a time interval in mains frequency cycles before the power is turned off.

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