Fluke BT521 Advanced Battery Analyser

Model: FLUBT521

Producer: Fluke

Country of origin: United States

Fluke's most advanced battery analyzer. Measures everything from battery current to temperature. Ideal for use with all types of batteries.

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Key features

Suitable for testing stationary batteries and battery back-up systems of all types
Suitable for testing stationary batteries and battery back-up systems of all types
Registro exhaustivo: el BT510 captura automáticamente los datos y los almacena en su memoria
Comprehensive logging: the BT510 automatically captures data and stores it in its memory.
Use the included battery logging software to analyse results and create reports.
Powered by rechargeable batteries
USB port for PC download


The most advanced battery tester in the Fluke BT500 Series, the BT521 performs more test procedures, includes more accessories and is the most complete solution for testing batteries of any type.

Designed with portability in mind and shaped like the most common digital multimeters, the BT521 makes battery testing simple. It even includes built-in user help systems to guide you through all aspects of setting up a test and audible/visual feedback signals when using the tester's comparison function.

The BT521 comes standard with the Fluke Smart Test Probe. This uniquely designed long-range probe includes its own LCD display for easy viewing of measurement results, can check battery temperature using non-contact infrared technology, and also performs voltage, resistance and temperature tests automatically.

Once you have finished testing, the BT521 stores all the information directly on the tester in its internal memory of 999 records. You can then connect it directly to your PC via the USB port/USB cable to download test information into the included Fluke software package to create reports, quickly compare trends and more.

This is also the only tester in the range that can be used to measure AC/DC current using the included clamp.

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