BDL 3927 - Battery data logger

Monitor string cell voltage, independent cells, battery bank current and temperature, and custom projects.

Model: BDL3927


Country of origin: China

BDL-3927 is updated Battery Data Logger to meet IEEE measurement standards for battery voltage, string voltage, current and ambient temperature.

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Key features

Small weight modular design and very easy to install and operate
It tests all battery types of 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V
Simple wifi communication between battery data logger and PC
Simultaneously monitor cell voltage, string voltage, current & temperature
Data is automatically saved in PC, no need extra data transfer
Work with battery charger or load bank to reflect complete battery status
One Cell Data Logger is connected with up to 12 cells, save your time and money
Could be used as temporary voltage monitoring or as permanent battery monitor
Direct powered by battery, no need for extra power supply
Good price with complete measurement functions


It is recommended by IEEE standards like IEEE 450, IEEE 1188 and IEEE 1106 to check battery voltage, current and temperature monthly or quarterly. It is also much more time saving to record these data during battery charge or discharge.

 It is customized from 12V to 700V for different battery systems. And it has easy expansion for all battery systems. With wifi communication, you could easily view complete data and generate test report in the PC software.

Technical Specification
Item Testing Range Accuracy
Cell voltage 0~16V ±0.5%
String voltage 12~700V (customized) ±0.5%
Current testing 0~1000A (customized CT) ±1%
Temperature measurement -25~55°C ±1°C
Power supply Cell Data Logger (CDL) 10-90V from battery
String Data Logger (SDL) DC24V±15% from battery
PC Software Two functions: Monitor and data management
Communication Wifi
Communication distance between PC and data logger 0-300m (Router with LAN), 0-50m (Router with wifi)
Communication frequency 2.4GHz
Weight 0.15 kg/per module
Size 28x80x110 mm
Warning for Communication disconnection, Over voltage and Low voltage
Working environment Temperature: 0~55°C Relative humility: 85%RH
Data sampling interval 0.1 second/point

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