Universal multi-voltage portable charger

Designed for use in the field for battery bank maintenance and commissioning, industrial applications and off-grid solar PV, the MVX charger is a high-frequency charger with programmable battery charging curve.

Model: MVX

Producer: Bassi

Country of origin: Italy

Digitally controlled and programmable MVD universal charger with state-of-the-art battery maintenance technology.

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Key features

The most efficient technology available.
Ideal for commissioning and maintenance of off-grid photovoltaic systems.
True universal charging capability: Multi-voltage, Multi-chemical-Multi-capacity, from single cells to complete packs.
Set of factory pre-programmed load curves.
Intelligent electronic protection.
Silent operation.
Voltage/temperature compensation.
Anti-arch protection.
The most efficient technology available.
Ideal for commissioning and maintenance on off-grid PV systems.


The MVX is a universal, digitally controlled and programmable battery charger.

It can be operated with batteries of any type, from single cells to complete packs, and can be programmed to work in a variety of battery maintenance applications, such as: training, conditioning, battery recovery, sulphation and regeneration.

It is based on a new power conversion technology, characterised by an unprecedented combination of very high efficiency, unity power factor, and universal capabilities for precise load control.

The accompanying MVX patented features a full range of pre-programmed and editable load curves, which give the user full control over the load curves through a very simple programming procedure.
Thanks to its ultra-filtered current output, this charger guarantees a minimum temperature rise of the battery during the charging process. In addition, the MVX is able to charge batteries requiring constant current with virtually zero current ripple.

The MVD is equipped with an alphanumeric display and keypad, charge history log, real-time clock for programming and calendar.

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