ISA BTS 200 MKII - Battery test system

Model: BTS 200 MKII

Producer: Altanova

Country of origin: Italy

The battery testing and maintenance system allows the technicals to perform battery voltage measurements, capacity testing and discharge test.

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Key features

High power battery capacity test system
Discharging current up to 1300A with external loads (up to 9)
Graphical display showing test parameters, curves and results.
Internal memory
Light and easy to carry, with handles and wheels
Shunt or clamp metering of an additional current
Suitable for all battery types


The ISA BTS 200 MKII battery test assembly is designed to perform different types of tests required in power generation plants, substations to ensure power to critical elements of the network such as power relays, circuit breakers.

The BTS 200 MKII performs the most reliable test for the determination of the capacity of the battery, executing automatic discharge tests being able to reach currents of up to 1300A by expanding through external loads.

On its backlit screen you can read the following parameters:

  1. Battery voltage.
  2. Minimum voltage threshold (adjustable), with automatic stop
  3. Discharge current, power and discharge profile.
  4. Ah (Amps hour) downloaded.
  5. Duration of the test time with automatic stop by countdown.
  6. The test conditions are displayed.
  7. The discharge curve.
  8. The test parameters are produced through a button and displayed on a graphical display.

Maximum discharging current with BTS 200 MKII.
240 V
220 V
70 A
140 V
130 A
110 V
130 A
48 V
130 A
24 V
130 A
Testing features
Load patterns
• Constant discharge current
• Constant power
• Current profile (up to 20 steps)
• Power profile
•Control Manual
Measurement of the Discharging Current
• Range: 0 - 130 A
• Display: 0 - 130 A (0 - 1300 A with external loads)
• Accuracy: ± 1 % of the value, ± 0.2 % of the range.
The dicharging activity can be stopped and started again later from the same level.
External Current Measurements
Testing can be carried out without disconnecting the battery.Using the optional current clamp, BTS 200 MKII measures the total current while regulating it at a constant level.The external current measurement can be performed also by shunt connection.
Other features
External Current Measurement with Clamp or Shunt
1V - 100mV ( 100 mOhm - 0.1 mOhm) with 10A - 1000A
Setting of the Minimum Voltage Threshold
From 20V to 270V with step of: ± 1 V
Maximum Float Voltage
Up to 270V
Measurement of the Battery Voltage
• Range: 0 - 300 V
• Display: 0 - 99.9 or 0 - 999 V; auto ranging
• Accuracy: ± 1 % of the range, ± 0.2 % of the range
Setting of the Maximum Testing TimeFrom 0 to 15 hours or infinite (without recording)Internal Memory8 discharging sequences; non volatile internal memory
Automatic Stop Functions
• Minimum voltage threshold
• Maximum capacity
• Time out (Max. 9h.59’)
• System alarm

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